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Self-Care is Being Honest With Yourself

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In a world where it seems honest moments are few and far between, one of the best ways that you can care for yourself, mind, body, and spirit is to practice honesty with yourself. Honesty not only will align with the frequency of truth, but it will also allow truth to transform your life for the better. Too often, in our society, truth has been given a negative connotation that encompasses fear of judgment, punishment, shame, embarrassment, and other negative outcomes.

Honesty allows for authenticity which in turn is the gateway to becoming your best self and evolving! Too often, the freedom from the darkness in our souls that honesty and truth bring, is overlooked. Those suffering from the secrets they have kept from others about themselves, or those caught up in a lifestyle that they really don’t want to live, receive the opportunity to move on and make better decisions, regardless of the consequences. Being mentally imprisoned is worse than physical imprisonment, it is one of the reasons we so often hear about people finding peace in the most unlikely place, prison. Never underestimate the power of a free mind and the light of your soul.

In the light of truth, one is free to make high-quality decisions for themselves, including the type of people they surround themselves with, where they choose to spend their time, and how they choose to spend their time. If you look closely enough, you will find that truth is love and there is no better way to love yourself, as well as love and honor those around you.

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