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Self-Care is Requiring a Destination Before Starting a Journey

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Too often we set ourselves up for disappointing journeys that are going to lead to nowhere.  The reasons include:

1. We project the expectation of what we would do in the situation on people vs looking at reality.

2. We are overly optimistic without necessarily basing our opinion on facts.

3. We are desperate.

4. We are rushing and impatient.

5. We are people-pleasing.

6. We ignore history.

Instead of attempting to avoid the “wrong people” for our lives, it would be better and more practical to avoid the wrong situations instead. Time is precious and when we realize we have wasted time it can be quite disappointing.  There are preventative steps we can put in place before embarking on journeys with people to ensure that when the journey ends we are exactly where we expected to be!

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We are the virtual wellness and accountability coach team here at Daily Regimens!

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