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The Root of the Loneliness Epidemic Is Not the Lack of Relationships With Others

When one hears about the loneliness epidemic, there is often a list of reasons for this epidemic, such as lack of communication with others due to using technology. People don’t have enough quality relationships because they have stopped going out to socialize. They are too busy for quality time spent with others, and more. However, may I point out an observation?

Many of the people who are the most lonely, are often those we view in society as the ones who “have it all”. They are rich, successful, famous, always surrounded by people who want to be in their lives, and more. They have no shortage of people admiring them and fussing over every detail of what they say and do. They are married to the most amazing people with gorgeous children, and they have everything going for them, or so we think.

Then we get the news that they committed suicide, or died of a drug overdose, and the details of their unhappy lives begin to trickle out. It leaves many wondering, “How could someone who has “everything” be so unhappy all the time? Don’t they know who they are?”.

Ironically, you would be surprised how many people with a high level of success in every area of their lives, don’t know who they are, nor how valuable they are. It doesn’t matter if you are showered with 1000 compliments all day long, if you don’t believe you are valuable, you will not value any of the high opinions about you either. The only thing you will be able to see is all the negatives and none of the positives.

When you live in this sunken place, it is very easy to become lonely because not even you want to keep yourself company in such a low state of mind. People don’t want to escape from the world as much as they want to escape from themselves. This is where the root of the problem lies.

Rather than push people to make even more friends, or spend more time with other people to try to fill a void that only grows with every invalid attempt to fill it, encourage them to reconnect with themselves. There is no better best friend than yourself. Who is going to treat you better than you treat yourself? Why are you waiting for someone else to make that new movie release enjoyable?

How many new releases have you missed, and other exciting opportunities for amazing trips, or more, because you don’t have anyone to go with? Many times people don’t realize they are making themselves miserable and disappointed because they are always waiting but never doing for themselves.

I would suggest starting with our free meditation coach on Amazon Alexa. It is a free tool that you can use anytime with any Alexa-enabled device.

This app helps you to rehearse the positive thoughts and feelings associated with a time in life in which you felt whole, happy, and confident. So many people may need to travel all the way back to their childhood to find these special moments in which their mind, body, and spirit felt the most aligned and healthy. It will guide you through continuing to recognize these positive thoughts, and feelings, or the lack thereof throughout life.

The goal is to help you recognize how things, places, and people make you feel and why. The biggest lesson here is that the person you are waiting for is you! The best way to heal loneliness is to realize you are never alone, and having a healthy relationship with yourself is all that you need to be fulfilled. Anything extra outside of a healthy love for self is icing on the cake.

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