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12/12, 12:12am, Full Moon Self-Led Virtual Meditation

There is just under an hour before the final full moon of the decade. Many of you may feel like we have been building up to something. Something significant is about to happen for us all. You may see and hear about wonderful things manifesting in the lives of your friends, or loved ones, and feel a little left out.

It is okay to feel! We often say, “It is just a feeling” when what we really mean is, “It is just a wanting”. Feelings are a gateway to information that is important for us to know about ourselves as a spiritual being first, and a human being second. We are to observe our feelings, and question what lies at the root of the emotion.

Only when you want “nothing”, meaning you don’t despair, you are not a Debbie Downer, you don’t try to make others around you miserable, and more mischief, will everything come to you. I thought I knew what wanting nothing meant when I first heard this statement from an elder at the beginning of the year.

Boy, have I learned a lot since that day. In nothingness, you can hear and see clearly, you become laser-focused, and you almost go into autopilot when you hear that small, but distinct, voice inside, speaking to you. In nothingness, nothing that is obsolete in your life matters. As human beings, we are great at getting things to matter that don’t but skimming over the things that do matter.

A quiet mind doesn’t give any push back, objections, or resistance to relaxing the mind, body, and spirit to the point that you are enabled to sit with nothing on your mind. There may be some who are confused as to how you receive anything if you don’t want anything, and how does one sit with nothing on their mind, surely they must be thinking of something. The answer is to live an intentional life and live in the present moment. A mind that is intentional and in the present moment, is a mind that is still.

There is a huge difference between “wanting” and being present and intentional. There are people who have spent their entire lives “wanting”. Those who intentionally live in the present moment creating. Creating is a whole different animal than wanting. Creating takes wisdom, courage, movement, determination, creativity, effort, time, and sacrifice.

The next time you catch yourself saying what you “want”, consciously make an effort to come back to the present moment. You are either speaking from the past or trying to guess the future when you “want”. Simply having the intention to manifest and putting forth your best effort, knowing that you cannot control anything but what you do, and how you respond to the world around you, is enough!

Let the magic in spontaneity carry you the rest of your way to your dreams, sit back, relax, and enjoy how it all unfolds. Getting to this space of nothingness, not dwelling in the past, or trying to jump forward to the future is often done via mindfulness and meditation. Start the breathing exercise above by pressing play when you are ready.

Find a comfortable place where you can sit straight up with your spine straight. I want you to inhale through your nose, slowly and steadily, act like you are breathing in a breath that you want to reach your toes. On the inhale, think of all the things you will intentionally manifest in 2020. On the exhale, pull that breath back up from your toes, using your abs to pull the breath back, slowly and steadily breathe out through your mouth.

As you are exhaling, think of all the things you are leaving behind, the achievements, the moments, the drama, transform the energy of those things into a cleansing breath, and exhale them through your mouth. Act as though you are breathing them all out of your body. Use the video to keep your pace until you are comfortable doing this breathing exercise yourself.

I want you to focus on living in the present moment during this breathing exercise. Forget all your cares, fears, and worries, focus on the right now of the moment. Feel the air moving in and out of you. Allow yourself to feel the tension leaving your body. Focus on the moon with your eyes, until you are able to close your eyes, and keep pace with the correct timing of breathing in and out.

Once you arrive at the point of being in the present moment, now you can get intentional. What practical steps can you take right now to achieve your dream? How long do you have to spend working on your dream each day? Is every day practical, or once a week to get started? What makes you truly happy? These are all questions you should get sorted out before attempting to start anything.

Thank you for joining our virtual meditation!

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