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Don’t Allow One Moment to Ruin Your Whole Day

I have a question, what is a bad day?  Is a bad day an event that actually happens, or is a bad day one that we create?

Everyone has moments that they don’t prefer to experience.  These moments can start with something as simple as stubbing your toe on the way to the bathroom when you wake up. Once a negative event such as this one happens, bright and early in the morning, you have a choice. How are you going to spend the rest of your day?

Are you going to be mad the rest of the day because your toe hurts, or will you take a pain pill and move on with having a wonderful day?  We all have a choice in how we respond to events in our lives that don’t bring a smile to our faces. We can either sulk, or we can turn our attention to something that we enjoy. The key is choosing what you give all your attention to!

In fact, you can start right now.  Have a positive and productive day!

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Written by Daily Regimens

We are the virtual wellness and accountability coach team here at Daily Regimens!

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