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Honesty Requires a Special Kind of Strength

Honesty is powerful, and those who wield it require a special type of strength.  Honesty will back you into situations in which you must stand your ground, and keep saying and doing what is right, even if you are participating all by yourself.  Honesty can be lonely in a world that eats up lies like comfort food! People have grown used to being fed only what they want to hear. However, there is a great benefit that honesty provides that not many speak of, freedom.  Honesty gives you the freedom not to worry, or be concerned.

Honesty gives you the privilege to never need a mask.  Honesty will help you in your time of need more than a lie will.  Honesty will not give you the appearance of getting ahead, it will instead give you the assurance of getting ahead!  Honesty allows you to sleep peacefully at night without a single worry or concern. While many may think the lack of honesty is in their favor, I beg to differ!

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Written by Daily Regimens

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