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3D to 5D Energy and the 2020 Retrogrades Part 1

Currently, Mars is crossing the galactic center, February 12th and 13th is a prime time to pull down downloads from pure Source and Light energy, which enhances your 5D energy. Now is a great time to start a dream journal for 2020, and have a device, or something handy to take note of sudden inspiration, intuition, and downloads while on the go.

This is the perfect energy to focus on as we enter the Mercury Retrograde season on February 16th. Saturn is already in shadow, preparing to go retrograde in May, and Jupiter will be soon joining Saturn in its shadow phase, as it will go retrograde in May as well. During this time, there will be several energies playing out, as the same day Mercury goes retrograde, Mars enters the earth plane, bringing its fiery, impulsive, angry, and passionate energy to the world stage. Soon after, Mars enters Capricorn, adding its fiery energy to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn.

Mars is getting ready to reactivate the eclipse points of the December 2019 eclipses, ironically on the 25th and the 26th, (talk about an echo). We are due for an echo of the energy that occurred toward the beginning of the year with Mar’s fiery touch added. Between the galactic center energy that Mars brings to the table this month, and the “re-do” energy of the Mercury Retrograde, it would be a disservice to self if you did not focus on the spiritual world, internal work, and reworking projects, energy, ideas, and more, while the Capricorn energy rages on.

Have you been feeling a distinct, internal, tug of war between the way you used to do things, respond, react, and live, vs feeling drawn to do things much differently now? This feeling is 3D energy vs 5D energy, and you are being shaken awake.

This tug of war is not only happening internally, it is also happening collectively. This is why people are so willing to dig their heels in on clearly wrong decisions. They can see things are changing and they don’t want to move with the change in some cases. Or they have done things the same for so long, they feel lost at the thought the entire carpet is being snatched out from under them.

One thing is for certain, change is here, and change will move forward with, or without, everyone’s agreement. Tune into this series to learn more about the retrograde energies of 2020 and how the shift from 3D to 5D energy will affect you!

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