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Build More Bridges Than Roadblocks in Life

Life can either be a series of bridges or roadblocks, in most cases, you are the one that decides if bridges will outnumber roadblocks in life.

I will admit, there are some barriers that exist simply because others don’t want you to have access to something better in life, however, when you are determined, barriers are irrelevant.  With that said, there are those who are content to complain and moan about how someone is always trying to hold them back. My question is why do they allow others to hold them back?

The truth is, you can choose to get stuck at roadblocks or move beyond them.  However, what is most effective is building a bridge. Why a bridge? Bridges are often built over the top of roadblocks. Traffic crossing bridges often bypass difficult and busy roads, crossings, water, and other obstacles that make arriving at your destination more difficult.

I have not met many people, who choose to take the most difficult road possible without good reason.  Most choose to find an easier route. Rather than be distracted by drama, issues, trouble, and unpleasant situations, they strategically place themselves above the noise and continue to move toward their goals.  Once you figure out a great strategy for reaching your goals, despite difficulties, you must face yourself. What are you doing to make your journey difficult?

While maneuvering around other people may be challenging, maneuvering around your own fears, habits, thoughts, and other roadblocks can be limited by inaction.  You must discipline yourself to move with purpose and authority over your life, and hold yourself accountable for the results of your actions. Only then can you measure true progress.

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