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Freedom Affirmation

Freedom is the ability to explore every possibility for my life and to choose to try new things, places, and new people with the loving support of the Creator, the universe, and all that reside in my sacred space.

Grace is allowing others to do the same without judgment.  Today, I choose the best possibilities that bring me joy, peace, happiness, abundance, love, assertiveness, and a wise investment of my time, energy, and resources.

Today is a new day, full of brand-new possibilities to love and enjoy.  Today, I enjoy and love my present and my decisions reflect this.  I am mindful and wise, strong and powerful.  I am the truth. I am unlimited.  I embrace all the amazing opportunities, people, and places this day brings to me.  I am grateful and thankful for this wonderful day to be renewed in every area of my life.

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Written by Daily Regimens

We are the virtual wellness and accountability coach team here at Daily Regimens!

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