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Some People Only Want a Seat In Your Life For a Better View

Relationships hold some of the most difficult, and most wonderful lessons that we must learn in life. They can be very difficult to navigate and understand, but at the same time, they are so rewarding when we get them right. One of the most important lessons that relationships can teach us is discernment.

The fine-tuning of how we choose to respond to people can feel like a lifetime task of learning, adjusting, maneuvering, and then repeating the entire process all over again, as you learn new lessons with time and growth. One of the most important lessons we learn is how to ration out our time and energy.

Time is precious, and we are unable to get our time back once we give it away. It is vitally important that we use discernment about who we allow into our lives. While relationships are about giving and receiving, we often focus only on the giving side of our relationships, rather than focus on what we are receiving because it is considered “selfish” by society. It is important to remember that balance is essential in relationships, and imbalance leads to problems. Relationships produced by society’s standards are often unhealthy and harmful.

Deter people from your life who want to seat simply to be nosy for another party who is no longer in your life, people who want to find out what you are doing so that they can try to copy, and others who think being in your presence will allow them to ride your coattails. How do you do this? By erecting boundaries and having a standard for the type of people, behavior, and circumstances that you will allow in your presence.

By being present and aware of what is happening in your life and the lives of others around you very little will escape your attention. While getting to know people take note of how often they find themselves immersed in negativity, drama, questionable relationships, and more. Does their life reflect the atmosphere and vibe that you want in your life? Requiring people to meet a certain standard doesn’t make you “stuck up” or “uppity”, it makes you a good steward of your energy and time.

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