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Timing is Everything, Trust the Time is Right!

Do you trust your internal clock or do you live based on society’s timer for when you must do and be? I learned to trust my gut at a very young age as a means of navigating difficult situations because I knew I needed more than conventional wisdom.

If I went by society’s standard of “time” I would have been “too young” to seriously date anyone and even more so too young to get married. My gut guided me directly to my husband and a wonderful possibility for my future that we both were able to see. I can point to so many times in which I knew the truth but ignored my gut. I could have saved myself so much heartache.

Trust the internal instinct that tells you it is time to speak, time to move, time to go, time to stay, time to rest, time to play, time to work, and you will find yourself aligning with the greatest path you ever imagined possible for your life, your highest good. Trust that infinite love surrounds you and is always, always guiding you, even in the lessons of life! Trust that it is the time!

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Written by Daily Regimens

We are the virtual wellness and accountability coach team here at Daily Regimens!

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