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How to Release Stress With Exercises (Destress with Mindful Movement)
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We are currently living through one of the most stressful times in world history as the Covid-19 pandemic causes a great upheaval of everything we have ever known. Over the past two months, the whole world had to adjust to a new normal. Entire infrastructures are being scrapped and redone. One of our mindful movement partners, Yuri, is here to remind you to keep moving!

You can move where ever you are and keep the energy flowing through your body. Not only does movement help to keep your body healthy, it has a great impact on your mind and spirit too. Movement simply feels good, especially when you set an intention to have fun! It doesn’t matter if you dance, play, or do cartwheels, however, you choose to move, make sure it is something that feels good to you and make it a habit!

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We are the virtual wellness and accountability coach team here at Daily Regimens!

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