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How to Celebrate Endings Without Negative Connotations

Leaving a job that no longer serves you is not quitting, it is seeking appropriate opportunities that fit your growth, and new stages in life. People get older, they get married, they have kids, they send children to college, and more. Let’s normalize growth with positive affirmations.

Have you noticed the many micro-aggression phrases that have been applied to what otherwise should be healthy events and endings? For example, when someone leaves a job they “quit”. If a couple decides they no longer want to date they “broke up”. Both phrases imply that there should be hard feelings, drama, negative characterizations, and more applied to a natural evolution in life.

The truth is, relationships end all the time due to growth and life changes. As a society, it seems we rarely have something positive to say about these types of events. In fact, the idea of “quitting or breaking up” is primed for gossip and nosy people who want to add their two cents. The first person you date, often, will not be the last person you date. Your career needs will change drastically over your lifetime.

People, places, and things naturally drift apart, and it often is no one’s fault that things didn’t work out. We all have those people we used to know that simply became disconnected via relocation, new jobs, and more. We eventually lose touch, but we love to catch up when we can, there is an unspoken understanding that life has taken us in different directions.

All one has to do is take a good look around this planet to understand that change is constant, and to be expected. We don’t mourn growing up as children, in fact, we cannot wait to grow up in many cases. We have massive celebrations and send-offs throughout childhood, what happens to all that enthusiasm as adults? There is always a new milestone we have our eye on from getting our driver’s license to getting our first job, getting our first place, to buying our first home.

We don’t hold back when we celebrate these events, but we have strange expectations about how one’s life should not change surrounding these events. We are taught that we should live life-based on control, vs allowing the necessary spontaneity that allows blessings and abundance to arrive to us in the most unexpected ways. We are taught to fear losing anything, but at the same time, we are told something is wrong if we aren’t receiving anything as well.

We have become physical, mental, and spiritual hoarders of everything that comes our way. I want you to take inventory of the things that you are the most afraid to lose. I want you to dive deep and be honest with yourself on why you don’t want to lose them. If your answers do not include very specific reasons that are wrapped in love, hope, freedom, and wonderful feelings that warm your soul, it is time to evaluate what you are doing, and why.

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