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Change is a Verb and a Noun- The Decision vs the Process

Change is not just a decision, it is a process, therefore change is both a verb and a noun. The dictionary definition of change includes the verb, make, or become different, and the noun, the act of making, or becoming, different. While vowing to make a change is admirable, following up with the process of change behind the words, is even better. Change is not something that we say, it is something that we do.

As we approach the new year, and the new decade, it is imperative to figure out how to implement the process of change. We often deal with the new year in terms of speech-related verbs, vision boards, resolutions, change-oriented memes, and more. We even plan events around these verbs, take pictures, and create memories. Every single one of these verbs describes the action of speaking, not doing.

However, when it comes to taking the practical actions to implement the changes we say we want to make, they are nonexistent. We don’t have any parties, or events, for the process. There is a huge difference between having a vision board with a picture of a fit person running, and a proclamation next to them saying, “I am going to get fit in 2020”, vs walking into a gym, paying for a membership, meeting with a personal trainer, and creating a specific goal, with specific numbers, and a specific time frame.

Change as a noun does not involve speaking about any of your intentions, but rather naming the change through the actions you have taken, after, or during the fact. For example, her weight change was the result of her going to the gym daily and working with her personal trainer for 6 weeks. Her weight change is a perpetual statement denoting progress. As a result of working out at the gym daily, and working with a personal trainer, her weight changed to her goal weight. Do you see the difference between the two descriptions of change as a verb and change as a noun?

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