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What is a Merkabic Field and How Does It Change Your Life When You Use It?

Your Merkaba field is the key to living a fulfilled life that aligns with the outcomes that you want.  It is your direct connection to the Creator, universe, collective, cosmos, dimensions, timelines, and realities beyond the physical world.  Just as the Earth has an electromagnetic field, as a living being, so do you.  

The Merkaba field goes beyond your chakras and aura, it is how you show up in the world, in the universe, as life, and everything you perceive happens from the inside out, not the outside in. It is kind of like your DNA on a spiritual plane. 

The building blocks of what makes you the unique individual that you are which cannot be replicated by anyone else. You are constantly, first creating, and then projecting the reality that you create out into the cosmos, this is the reality that you live.

To simply put this into words that everyone can understand, have you ever heard expressions such as “I knew they were trouble as soon as they walked in the room”, “I knew I could trust this person as soon as I met them”, this are all admissions that we can sense something further than what we can see, feel, taste, smell, etc.

Many call this phenomenon our “6th sense”. Our intuition, but much deeper than our intuition because we are beyond sure of what we sense and feel. In fact, we are confident that we know exactly what is going on as if it is almost instinctual. We have been taught to ignore these things, they are not logical and cannot be explained.

No one else can live your life from this perspective because they are not you. Ultimately, your Merkaba, is who you really are, or your “light spirit body”.  The Merkaba is also explained by many as the “vehicle of ascension”, and it appears many times in the bible and other ancient texts.  

In this article, you will learn how to embrace the power of your Merkaba field and operate from your authentic self, vs. being driven by outer influences.  We will be exploring the facets of the inner workings of creation, and how to tap into who you truly are with power and certainty.

If you think of your Merkaba field as an engine, your emotions and intentions are what fuel the engine, which then sets into motion the arrival at your destination.  You can think of the vehicle you are traveling in as karma. You can upgrade, or downgrade, your vehicle all the time. The actions you take are how you give maintenance to your vehicle. 

You can either have a well taken care of vehicle, or you can ride around with a check engine light on. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it is your choice, you decide if you stay parked, or if you go on a long journey.  

Operating from your Merkaba field, consciously, requires you to take responsibility for who you are at a mind, body, and spirit level.  It requires you to acknowledge that you are ultimately in control of each experience that you create on this planet. We will explore five principles that will help you navigate the journey of operating from your Merkaba field successfully.

Astrology – 

Astrology is a tool that will help you to become the observer and hone your skills on timing when, where, and how you manifest from a sense of alignment vs. 3D energies such as control, manipulation, etc.  As an observer, you can observe the energies of the collective and cosmos via astrology, and better understand how to navigate without reacting or responding, but rather using the information to pinpoint where you want to align with energies that benefit you and your goals.  You can look at astrology almost as a weather forecast, it will give you an idea of how to better prepare and maneuver.


Modalities are often described as tools one uses to heal from a 3D perspective.  Modalities are so much more than mere healing tools, they are tools that help you to better align with yourself and the energies/realities at hand in the universe.

Choose tools that you authentically align with, that does not cause you to create from a place of fear, or doubt, but rather a place of strength and power.  These are the practices that build your inner strength and core, the modalities that leave you feeling connected and unified with the Creator, Universe, and the collective.  Most of all, yourself.

The tools that allow you to better operate in peace, love, and light.  Find the practice that best works for you, often you will find that this practice will be unique to yourself and that you will navigate different groups of people in the collective to synthesize the spiritual experience that makes you feel at home. 

Rather than the large communion of spiritual seekers that was created from a 3D mentality aka religion, you will find moments with others that make you feel at home, which does not necessarily match what we previously defined as a “spiritual experience”.

Discipline and Responsibility-

Living in the present moment is enacting the visualization and the feeling of who you are and what you want to manifest in life.  This is a day-by-day experience that varies, moment to moment. This requires you to tune into your mind, body, and spirit. What are you feeling, moment to moment, in the situations you have created in life?

Are you truly doing the things you want to do on a soul level? Are you acting from a place of power, or lack?  Do you feel aligned? If not, what do you need to change so you can align with the experiences you want? Are you practicing being grateful and thankful each day?

What are you focusing on? How do you feel in the circumstances that you subject yourself to? Are you being authentic and true to who you are? Does the life you are living in the present moment resonate with who you truly are?  Have you taken responsibility for where you are in life? Do you practice discipline?


Acknowledging that you create the experiences that you are having can be a hard pill to swallow, but on the flip side acknowledging you created your experiences can feel like arrogance to the untrained mind.  The paradigm of what gratefulness and thankfulness should be is shifting. In acknowledging that you create your experiences in life, you also must acknowledge that some other being, or circumstances, have not created your decisions for you, good or bad.  

This means the idea of “evil beings” such as the devil, or “loving beings” such as Jesus, don’t control as much as a society tends to give them credit for.  Take a moment and think about what you control on this planet. If you are being honest, self should be the only thing on your list. Now let’s revisit that list again, this time I want you to think about what you consciously choose to align with.  

Look closely at each moment, from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed.  At every moment you are making a decision, right? You may pray, meditate, or seek outer influences, but at the end of the day, most of us don’t have a gun to our heads being told we must make a decision by force.  And even then, with the many revolutions, uprisings, and wars throughout history, we are again shown that we have free will to decide our own destiny. Not even our parents get to decide how our lives will turn out, and what decisions we make.

In that context, let’s re-examine what evil is.  When we say something is evil, in the real world, often there is a person involved who is committing an act against another person. We are not talking about mythical creatures that are causing chaos, chasing people down the street, killing, pillaging, and torturing. We are not talking about a terrible natural disaster that most people will never see or experience in their lifetime. We are talking about a person who made a decision to do something terrible, and others who may have stood around and condoned that terrible choice.  

When we dole out justice for evil acts on this planet, we do not subpoena the devil to testify, we put the person who committed the act on trial.  We do not issue get out of jail free cards to people because what they did was the fault of an evil entity. We say that they decided to commit a horrific crime.  If someone even attempted to use the excuse, “It was the devil’s fault” in a courtroom, they would be laughed out of the building. No one would accept it as a believable excuse.

If we truly believed everything that we say about evil, our justice system would be set up in a much different way.  We would be performing exorcisms vs putting people on death row and in jail. There wouldn’t be countries or cities on this planet that have little to no crime, there would not be societies that get along with each other without everlasting problems and issues, yet these places and societies exist today. 

Places where no one locks their doors, shopkeepers don’t put all their stuff away under lock and key against thieves, places where children are free to roam with no fear of kidnapping or violence, communities where everyone shares and takes care of each other’s needs.  Places where people work together as one unit and comfortable living is available to all. These are places where everyone has chosen and agreed to create the experience that they want to have together. Then they all work together to create the experience they want to have as a collective.  Then there are other places where “all hell has broken loose”.  The “hell” of course, of everyone’s choosing.

Transformation and Truth

Transforming lower vibrational energies such as fear into power requires all the qualities listed above, but most of all truth.  Operating from our Merkaba fields is a privilege that is not to be taken lightly, most of all it is a privilege that is earned. It requires us to re-examine everything we have ever known, and examine everything from a stance of complete honesty and truth. Truth is transformation, and this is where the merkabic alchemy occurs.  

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