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Plank Pose Tutorial

Yoga is the great art of self-discipline, strength, and self-control.

Push-ups are often looked at as a dreaded exercise routine that is slotted for the military, football teams, and the “hardcore” crowd in fitness. However, the plank pose, one of the foundational sun salutation poses in yoga, is a great contender to pushups that offer functional reprieve without breaking the cycle of the workout by way of transitional poses such as the downward dog pose, or maneuvering to the modification plank pose.

Yoga is designed in a way that allows one to continue the flow of movement and energy, even while in the resting state. For this reason, you will rarely ever see one doubled over in pain or struggling to catch their breath again during or after a yoga session.

When one is in the state of flow they adjust to the body’s ability and work with the current fitness level that they are at rather than against it.

For this reason, many people that are often looked at as those who “can’t do yoga” blast through every barrier and prejudice, completing some of the most amazing feats with their bodies, no matter what their size or physical impediment.

Entering a yoga class to find bodies of all shapes and sizes is a lovely and growing commonality, evening the playing ground for what fitness “looks like” and opening the doors to more people becoming yoga ready.

Unlike push-ups, for every yoga pose one can learn the building blocks of the next pose have been established.

The plank post tutorial is designed to meet you where you are giving you the option to take a challenge, grow in your ability, or start from baby steps to accomodate you wherever you are in your fitness journey. This one, short tutorial, provides a wide range of flow options to keep moving, even when you are ready to slow down.

Whether you choose the upward or downward dog, you will find a reward in the pause between poses as you bring movement to different areas of your body while others get the rest that they need. This is what I love the most about yoga, there is always another option that steers you away from giving up.

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