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How to Incorporate Yoga into Your Daily Routine – Shopping for Yoga Essentials

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Before you start incorporating yoga into your daily routine,
you will want to make sure you have everything you need to get

Yoga Mat

Don’t just go for the one you find attractive! Make sure your
yoga mat is lightweight and durable.

Tip: Manduka Mats can be a bit pricey but they are comfortable
and come with a lifetime guarantee.


You might want to use this to provide a bit of extra cushioning
between you and your yoga mat to prevent it from sliding.
There are towels specifically designed for yoga.


Keep your hair up and away from your face during your routine
with a headband, clips, or ponytail holders.

Sports Bra

You will want to invest in a high-quality, a low impact sports
bra, that provides comfort and support.

Water Bottle

Don’t forget to hydrate! Pick up a good-size water bottle
and if you also want to replenish your electrolytes, consider
purchasing a package too. Avoid sugary sports drinks such as Gatorade which provide very little benefit.

Yoga Block and Straps

Blocks and straps can help you get into a pose easily, but they
also, help you maximize the effectiveness of your routine.

Make sure to stick with a lightweight block, especially if you
plan to take it with you to yoga class.

Essential Oil Towelettes

These are hands for wiping things down before you start your
practice. You can find them in a variety of scents. Just the same way that you sanitize before using gym equipment, the same germs and bacteria exist on the floor of a yoga studio.

Yoga Bag

You will be thankful for this additional piece to carry everything in. Depending on where you practice yoga, you will have these items readily available, however, in the age of pandemics, many yoga enthusiasts are opting to use their own equipment.

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