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The Connection Between Yoga and Meditation and How to Integrate Both into Your Daily Practice

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Meditation and yoga are nearly one in the same, the only difference between practicing meditation does not require physical exertion nor the skill of balance or physical strength. Both meditation and yoga are excellent options for reducing your stress levels, increasing your peace of mind and sense of well-being, and creating a calm demeanor.

When you meditate, you are able to free your mind
of all the daily clutter. You will lower stress
levels, release anxiety, and reset your brain with
deep breathing exercises. This is very helpful, especially when it comes to nailing difficult yoga poses that require focus.

The first step to adding meditation to your yoga practice is to learn how to pull yourself from
a state of total consciousness to one of a meditative
state designed to calm, restore and heal.

Here are a few tips to help you incorporate meditation
into your yoga routine:

1: Set aside some quiet time each day in order to
practice. The more often you meditate, the easier
it will be to get yourself into a state of complete
relaxation faster.

2: Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable
position and focus on a fixed point, or you can
close your eyes.

3: Concentrate on your breathing as well as the
present moment. If you find your mind wandering,
return to focusing on your breathing, inhaling, and
exhaling slowly and evenly.

4: Hold this concentrated state for a few minutes
at a time, practicing 5-10 minutes a day.

5: Gradually integrate meditation into your yoga
routine but don’t rush things along! Make sure you
have meditation down and are comfortable getting
into this state before you begin to include it in
your yoga sessions.

As you practice more, you will notice a shift from trying to do various yoga poses, to flowing into various poses as if they are natural movements of your body. When you are deep into the flow it will be as if your spirit moves first and then your body follows.

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