When creating a wellness routine or daily regimen, often, the biggest struggle one faces is the lack of consistency and accountability. At Daily Regimens, we decided to do research on why. Goals accompanied by cookie-cutter generic tools, knowledge overload, and limited support do not help one to stay motivated in many cases. One size does not fit all when it comes to well-being and way too often, millions of people feel as though they are being overlooked by wellness companies in favor of a specific target audience. At Daily Regimens, we believe that supported goals are successful goals. It all starts with self-motivation and self-accountability, the more that you believe your goals are achievable, the more likely you are to accomplish them.

Our A.I.-based wellness and accountability coaching technology generate wellness routines and regimens based on how you feel and what you have achieved. Emotional and mental health support is often overlooked and undervalued as a valid concern when determining why people are not able to meet their goals. Rather than pushing time frames and achievements that are measured based on a certain type of personality, we customize your daily regimens and routines based on your mood and progress. We ensure that you receive extra support when you need it and we monitor your progress to help you get “unstuck” when you enter unhealthy cycles that disrupt your progress. Most of all, we offer a helping hand to ensure that the time, energy, money, and dedication you put into our company are equally returned to you in value and results.

Who Are We?

We are an international team of wellness and tech professionals and wellness content creators and influencers, based in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia working together to bring you the best wellness technology, digital tools, and wellness content to help you to succeed on your wellness journey. We also work with vetted local wellness providers from yoga teachers to herbalists all over the world to provide our users with additional support and help along their well-being journey.

Our Team

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