We have two membership levels that are available to our users:

Free Membership: In the free membership you will receive access to our web-based platform which includes an online community with a personal profile that you can make public or private. On your profile, you can bookmark regimen flashcards in order to create your own DIY regimens along with blog posts. You will also have access to public groups within our community that will give you guidance on how to build your own DIY regimens using the tools available on our site. You will also be able to print regimens on demand from the site. You will have access to free resources such as events, challenges, recipes, and our free A.I. based coaches and quizzes which give you general wellness advice and guidance.

Challenge Membership: You will receive everything available at the free level membership along with dedicated member areas, customer support, and A.I. based coaches. You will gain access to exclusive paid membership benefits such as special events and challenges, curated regimen options, member-only groups, newsletters, and more.