Tips for Maintaining a Good Mood – The Doorway to Happiness

Did you know that a good mood is a doorway to happiness?

What are the building blocks for living a happy life? Many, especially in the US, would point to external circumstances such as money and possessions. However, the truth of the matter is that happiness is built on how well one maintains their good mood. Does this mean that one must be jovial and smiling 24 hours a day? No. It is insane so many people inherently know this because they base their opinion of happiness on reality, but don’t follow through to the logical conclusion of their thoughts.

Our tips for maintaining a good mood:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Speak Truth
  3. Mindful Choices
  4. Willingness to Change
  5. Mindfulness


One of the cornerstones of maintaining a good mood is to practice acceptance. The only thing that we can control in this world is ourselves. When we learn to accept this universal law our lift swiftly becomes peaceful because we are not running around trying to control everything and everyone.

Speak Truth:

Now that we have spoken about external acceptance, let’s talk about what internal acceptance looks like. Internal acceptance is to speak the truth. To have this quality is the evidence of acceptance in practice. When we don’t lie to others or ourselves, we have given up the reigns of control for doing the best that we can do. When you live in truth your good mood will soar. No stress, drama, or secrets to keep you awake at night.

Mindful Choices:

Acceptance and truth lead to one making mindful choices based on what they accept and know to be true. When you make choices that you will thank yourself for later, no matter how difficult it is at the time, you win! There is nothing that lifts your good mood more than basking in the rewards of a choice well made!

Willingness to Change:

When you apply acceptance, truth, and mindful choices to your life it often results in a swift willingness to change course in life. When you understand a person, place, or thing is not worth your time or energy you will apply a change to the situation with ease. Change is a natural part of life and the more you move to initiate change rather than waiting for change to be forced the more steady your mood will be.


All of these qualities add up to mindfulness. This is what it looks like to live a mindful life. Thinking before you do anything and reflecting on your choices. This list may look daunting, however, you do not have to transform your whole life overnight. You will find as you practice these principles you will naturally start to make subtle changes in every area of your life because it makes sense to do so. For example, if you make a choice to get healthy and start going to the gym and losing weight, eating fast food every day will naturally feel counterproductive to your efforts. You will find yourself gravitating to healthier meals to avoid cognitive dissonance.

We hope that you enjoyed our tips for maintaining a good mood and we hope that this regimen guide will be the start of a happy and joyful life for you!

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